Ta-Dah Urinary Tract Relief
Contains: 12.5mg
Size: 30 count
Suggested Retail Price: US$ 16.99
Price: US$ 16.00

Ancient health systems like traditional Chinese medicine have found natural remedies to ease or even get rid of symptoms of an urinary tract infection without any of the harmful side effects.

● Urinary Tract Relief helps promote bladder and urinary function by restoring balance at a cellular level.*

● The clinically studied Hibiscus extract in this formula, Ellirose, has been shown to reduce reoccurring UTIs in women by 80%.*

● The other herbs in this formula: assist the body in eliminating any harmful pathogens that may trigger urinary tract flare ups; support systemic detoxification*; help to maintain a steady urine stream; and aid in soothing inflammation and other aggravations caused by urinary tract irritation.*

How To Cleanse The Urinary System & Keep It Healthy
● Drink cranberry juice and water daily
When urinating toxins and waste are removed from the body. To avoid blockages, drink water whenever you are thirsty.

● Ingest less salt
A high sodium diet can lead to problems with blood pressure, which can also cause problems with the kidneys in the future.

● Reduce caffeine intake
Decreasing your morning coffee can help with easing your UTI symptoms.

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