Catalyst Altered Water
Catalyst Altered Water
Beth M. Ley, Ph.D.
Pages: 60
Price: US$ 5.95
CBS’s 60 Minutes reported on the amazing abilities of Willard Water, from healing what ails you to growing champion blue ribbon produce!
  • This is an important, useful book for all Willard Water users.
  • Features an interview with Dr. John Willard, Sr., Ph.D., the man who discovered the famed “Willard Water.”
  • Willard Water is a more biologically active form of water, it works better than regular water.
  • Willard Water is not a nutrient, but a vehicle by which nutrients are carried throughout the body’s cells, and by which waste is carried away.  Willard Water is simply water which has been specially altered by a catalyst. When added to regular water it makes water “wetter,” more reactive, and more efficient, yet is totally safe.