Max DHA®
Contains: 600 mg
Size: 180 count softgel
Manufacturer: Jarrow Formulas
Suggested Retail Price: US$ 44.00
Price: US$ 41.00

Product Highlights:

  • Molecularly Distilled DHA Softgels
  • Essential Dietary Nutrient
  • Studies support importance for young & old
  • 7:1 DHA to EPA Ratio
  • Conforms to CRN & proposed USP monographs

What does Max DHA® do?

  • Max DHA® contains highly concentrated omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil that has been ultra purified and concentrated by molecular distillation.

  • Max DHA® meets stringent Council for Responsible Nutrition and proposed USP monographs for purity, and is purified to remove heavy metals, such as mercury, and other environmental toxins.

  • The predominant fatty acid in the brain, nervous system and retina of humans is DHA, an omega-3 fatty acid.* DHA is necessary for fetal and infantile neurological development during pregnancy and lactation. DHA also helps support neurological function in seniors.
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