Mega Lycopene
Contains: 15 mg
Size: 90 count softgels
Manufacturer: Life Extension
Suggested Retail Price: US$ 34.95
Optimal BP Management Facts
Price: US$ 29.00

Supports Prostate, Blood Pressure, Skin, Eye and Arterial Health

Lycopene is a member of the fat-soluble carotenoid family (i.e. Beta-carotene, lutein, etc.). Lycopene has been scientifically proven to be essential for human health...especially for the arteries, prostate, skin, breast tissue, eyes and brain.

Lycopene has been shown to play a vital role in maintaining cardiovascular health, including the function of the lining of arterial blood vessels (the endothelium), promoting healthy blood lipid levels (cholesterol, triglycerides, etc.) a healthy inflammatory response and helping to maintain healthy blood pressure levels.

Studies show that greater lycopene consumption helps maintain prostate health, and also helps support normal cellular proliferation. Lycopene has also been shown to help support healthy insulin sensitivity and to encourage longevity. Lycopene can also help prevent free radical/glycation damage associated with diabetes.

It has also been scientifically proven that lycopene is much more effective when consumed in supplement form or from cooked foods (i.e. from tomato sauce), as heating of tomatoes releases the lycopene and other nutrients from the fiber of the tomato fruit. Lycopene has a great synergistic effect on blood vessel health (the arteries) when taken with CoQ10 and full spectrum vitamin E (both the Tocopherols and Tocotrienols). Research shows the greatest benefits come from consuming at least 30 - 35 mg. a day of lycopene from supplements / processed tomato products. This product contains the patented Lyc-O-Mato brand - the one used in more human clinical studies than all other lycopene supplement brands combined.

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