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pH Of Foods - The Best Alkaline (+) Foods
Beth M. Ley, Ph.D.
Best Foods To Alkalize (+) Foods That Make The Body Acidic (-)
Lecithin (soy) +38 Hard Liquor -29 to -39
Wheat grass +34 Pork -38
Cucumbers (fresh) +31 Beef/Veal -35
Soy sprouts +30 Soda pop -35 to -39
Chlorella +29 Fruit juice (sugar sweetened) -33
Alfalfa/Barley/Wheat grass +29 Beer -27
Radishes (red) +28 Black tea -27
Soy nuts (soaked, air dried) +27 Artificial sweeteners -26
Dandelion +22 Coffee (even more acidic w/sugar) -25
Cayenne pepper +19 Eggs -18 to -22
Avocado +16 Chicken -18 to -22
Eggplant +15 Ocean fish -18
Tomatoes +14 Mustard -19
Cabage, Endive +14 Sugar (white) -18
Celery +13 Cheese -18
Garlic +13 Peanuts, pecans, pistachios -13
Beans (white, lima, etc.) +13 Mayonnaise -13
Spinach +8 to 13 Ketchup -12
Soybeans (fresh) +12 Freshwater fish (Fish and other proteins are OK to eat - just be sure to balance them with alkaline foods) -11
Beets +12 White Bread -10
Green beans +11 Turbinado (raw) sugar -10
Lemons +11 Fructose (fruit sugar) -10
Carrots +10 Honey -7
Turnips +8
Limes +8
Chives +8 Fruit: is certainly OK to eat even though it is slightly acidic because they do contain natural sugars. Note the drastic increase in acidity when processed sugar is added.  
Horse radish +7 Pineapple -12
Red Cabbage +6 Banana (ripe) -10
Zucchini +6 Orange, peach, mango, apricot -9
Peas (fresh) +5 Cranberries -7
Kolrabi +5 Raspberries, blueberries -5
Flax seed +4 Strawberries, dates -4
Flax seed oil +4 Cantaloupe, grapefruit -2
Almonds +3 Apple, pear -2
Cabbage, white +3 Fruit juice (natural) -9
Cauliflower +3 Fruit juice (sugar sweetened) -33
Sour Cherries +3
Potatoes +2 Fat: relatively neutral or slightly acidic.
Lentils +1 Margarine (remember is more processed) -8
Coconut 0 Cream -4
Watermelon 0 Butter -3
Brussels sprouts 0 Olive Oil 0

Artificial sweeteners are even more acidic than white sugar. Note that honey (a natural food created by God) which contains minerals, is only slightly acidic because although it contains natural sugar it also contains minerals, vitamins and other components to help digest. Refined white sugar and artificial sweeteners contain no minerals or nutrients to speak of.

pH is a reference to the state of alkalinity or acidity in the body. 7 is neutral - neither acidic or alkaline. Below 7 is acidic, increasing in acidity as the number decreases. Above 7 is alkaline, increasing in alkalinity as the numbr increases. Ideal pH for the body’s fluids - urine, saliva, blood is 7.4 (slightly alkaline).

  1. Creates an ideal opportunity for pathogens (bacteria, viruses and fungus, such as candida) to survive.

  2. Reduces the level of oxygen creating an ideal opportunity for cancer cells to thrive.

  3. Can create tissue damage in our arteries which cholesterol sticks to creating plagque build-up. This can result in clogging of the arteries (heart disease and stroke).

  4. Can cause mineral loss in bones (osteoporosis); can interfere with the thyroid; cause acid reflux or numerous other problems.