Darla's Transformation
Nutrition Counseling
Darla's Transformation

Darla Before:
March 2012
225 pounds

Darla After:
LOST 90 Pounds
December 2012
135 pounds

I was 47 years old and mother of 3 when my journey began. My parents both had died of cancer. I had steadily gained weight for over 20 years till I had reached 225 pounds on my 5'2" body when I stopped stepping on the scales. I had high blood pressure and was concerned about diabetes and had started having trouble with arthritis type inflammation. I have lived with digestive upset for years, frequent headaches, lowering energy levels but figured this was "normal" for someone of my age and weight. In April of 2012, my husband found “Recipes for Life with Dr. Beth.” The information she supplied on her shows and in her books were invaluable (among other things, learning how to eat healthy and fight cancer) and decided this was the direction I needed to go with my life. But I wanted someone to navigate this journey with me. Little did I know this was the most important decision I would make.

Long story short, I've lost over 90 pounds but weight was not my only issue. Although I had been to doctors all my life, none had recognized the "root causes" of my health issues, but Dr. Beth with her PhD and over 20 years of nutritional counseling experience did. I had been battling Candida yeast overgrowth in my intestines all my life and this had been the root of my digestive upset and other issues. We also discovered I had certain deficiencies that affect my body's ability to absorb the supplements and nutrients. Dr. Beth made the adjustments in my supplements and we began to see improvements in my pH and other areas.

Most importantly, because she listened so carefully to me and followed me so closely, she suspected I had adrenal fatigue, a condition that is often overlooked my many physicians. She started me on carefully prescribed supplements to support and heal my adrenals and monitored me closely as I responded to protocol! I can't tell you what it has meant to me to have someone listen to me, and truly care about my well being. Following my food journal, we've been able to identify food allergies that I now know to avoid.. After 9 months with Dr Beth, I haven't had any pain pills in the same amount of time because I haven't had headaches, my blood pressure is normal, my inflammation has improved greatly and my adrenal glands appear to be repairing themselves all without pharmaceuticals and their side effects!

Dr. Beth has been amazingly compassionate and patient and has always been there when I needed her. I can't believe how much help she has been to me. She truly does see this as a ministry. If you have been considering nutritional counseling with Dr. Beth, you will never regret it, I highly recommend her. I truly believe she saved my life.

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