Michaels's Transformation
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Michael's Transformation

Michael Before:
May 2012
278 pounds

Michael After:
*LOST 65 Pounds
February 2014
230 pounds

When I met Michael 6 years ago, he was a single dad, and lived on a diet high in pizza, fast food and soda pop. At this heaviest around 2009, he weighed 278 pounds with multiple health problems.

The before photo above was taken around May 2012. He had dropped down to about 250 pounds then by changing his diet and supplements recommended by Dr. Beth.

He had lost a total of *65 pounds...down to 213 pounds, and then started working out at the gym (5 days a week) 7 months ago and gained 15 pounds of muscle! He went from an estimated 25% body fat to 15% body fat. He went from a 38 to 34 waist in jeans. He has no more back problems, acid reflux, high blood pressure or leg cramps!!! That's transformation !

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