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When Dieting & Exercise Do NOT Work
Beth Ley Knotts, Ph.D.
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Diets Cannot Fix Your Hormone Problems!

When desired weight loss does not happen in spite of diet changes, strict dieting plans and exercise programs there IS a reason. If there is a hormonal problem causing the weight gain, dieting will simply not work until the root of the problem is addressed. The graphic above may be helpful, but a view of your symptoms as well as blood or saliva tests may be needed not only to diagnose the problem, but also to chart your improvement.

Elevated cortisol is probably the most common cause of weight gain. The second most common is low thyroid and these often go together. Long term high cortisol can turn into adrenal fatigue which can also damage the thyroid.

Cortisol levels increase with stress of any kind. This includes starvation diets, insane workouts, lack of sleep and worry.

Elevated cortisol levels cause insulin resistance which tells cells to go into fat storage mode. Constant sugar and carb cravings will not help the situation as these further elevate blood sugar levels and fat storage.

Treatment protocol will depend upon which hormones are out of balance. Each person is unique. I can work with you to find the strongest obstacles to your inability to lose weight.
Thyroid support options include iodine therapy, coleous forscohlii, and pH balancing.

Cortisol lowering options include adaptogens like maca, licorice or rhodiola and phosphatidylserine; DHEA or pregnenolone if needed for severe circumstances. Cortisol can also be too low (adrenal burnout), pregnenalone will help raise cortisol levels that are too low.

Female hormone balancing will depend upon the imbalance. One may need DHEA, pregnenolone, maca, etc. or freshly ground flax and lignins for low estrogen (menopause).

Liver support includes milk thistle, dandelion, lemon water on an empty stomach, possibly bile acids, etc.

Find out what is really going on to block your weight loss efforts. Click on Nutrition Counseling with Dr. Beth to learn more.