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Do you want to TRANSFORM your life?

Transform your health, your body, your life with Dr. Beth

Using real food that God has made. Using natural, high quality supplements you can trust!
Michael Transformation
Michael's Transformation in Health...God's Way
When I met Michael 6 years ago, he was a single dad, and lived on a diet high in pizza, fast food and soda pop. At his heaviest around 2009, he weighed 278 lbs with multiple health problems.

Michael's before picture was taken around May 2012. He had dropped down to about 250lbs then by changing his diet and supplements read more...
Darla's Transformation
Darla Transformation
I was 47 years old and mother of 3 when my journey began. My parents both had died of cancer. I had steadily gained weight for over 20 years till I reached 225 lbs on my 5' 2" body when I stopped stepping on the scales. I had high blood pressure and was concerned about diabetes and had started having trouble with arthritis type inflamation. I have lived with digestive upset for read more...